Why driving in Lesvos?

Lesvos Island in the northern Aegean is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world and is the third largest of ​​Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean. Mytilene, Molyvos, St. Rafael, St. Taxiarches, Petra, Agiassos, the Petrified Forest in Sigri and much more are just some of the places to visit in Lesvos. So for the exploration of the eastern to the western edge of one thing remains certain: to do the around island of Lesbos you have to rent a car.

In lesvoscars.com, we know that in Lesvos the rental car can improve positive your time here. Yes, you could take the bus or even a taxi, but it could take you hours to get where you want to go or you will pay really expensive. Why put yourself in all this toil and trouble? The fact is, if you want to fully enjoy your vacation will definitely need a car.
The question is: what kind of car you want and where to pick it up?

Many categories and delivery stations!

In lesvoscars.com with a large fleet of cars in all categories and delivery stations at the airport and in many parts of the island our experienced staff is happy to help you find the vehicle you need, when you need it and where you need it.

Whether you are looking for an affordable rental car or a luxury SUV, you can be sure that when you book with us you get the best possible vehicle at the best possible price.

If you have decided to visit the island of Lesvos, make today your reservation online or by phone, for car rental in lesvoscars.com!

How does it work?

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